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HTTP Caching, Compression Services and Load Balancing


Zohar Infotech recognizes that simply having a Web presence is no longer enough to succeed. They need reliable high-performance Web sites that load quickly. If you have a business on the web you know how important your site loading speed is. If your pages do not load swiftly then you are losing money.

With Zohar expertise, our customer's enjoy faster page loading and script execution thanks to load balancing, caching, and compression technologies we've architected for them. Our customer’s web servers run on industry standard content acceleration software, and make them incredibly fast and efficient.


The first technology we use to speed up page delivery and reduce server load is a method known as caching. Caching engines are implemented to reduce page loading time and script execution by performing optimizations and various types of caching, using advanced techniques that yield much better performance -- usually from two to four times more requests per second. These engines also play an important part in cutting down latency by as much as 20-fold, by preventing dynamic pages from doing any repetitive work, and reducing the turnaround time for each request.


The second method we use to boost server performance is compression. The idea is to compress data being sent out from the Web server, and have the browser decompress this data on the fly, thus reducing the amount of data sent and increasing the page display speed. Using HTTP compression, a performance gain up to 300% is achieved across all web servers software (IIS, apache,…). Using HTTP Compression web pages can be 90% or so smaller and images can be up to 50% or so smaller (depending on how much they are compressed already).

Load Balancing

Load Balancing is the technique and process to distribute internet protocol traffic between multiple servers, computers or other resources. Load Balancing is very useful for busy networks in order to enhance the performance, optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput and minimize response time. Using advance load balancing solutions like Zeus Load Balancer and F5, we enhance the performance, consistency and scalability of network and web-based applications with a combination of SSL and WAN offload, content compression, performance and health monitoring, and automatic failover in the result of hardware or software failure.

As a part of our IT infrastructure services Zohar Infotech will install the load balancing softwares, monitor server hardware, support the software and apply updates as required. Customers will have administrative rights to the load balancing system via a secure web interface.

Key benefits of Caching, Load Balancing, and HTTP Compression

  • Improve scalability, overall performance
  • Improves site loading speed
  • Higher transaction rate
  • More stability for your hosted site (reduces system and CPU load)
  • Run more server side scripts, faster
  • Up to 300% performance boost on script executions
  • 150%-160% performance gain on static/dynamic content
  • Bandwidth is conserved

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