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Data Entry Outsourcing Services


Data Entry is the oldest form of using computers and is useful today as well. Although people have been discussing about paperless offices, the term has never vindicated to its true meaning. Millions of documents are created in underutilized forms everyday worldwide, which is to be conserved in records for long life, needs to be transformed into digital form.

With the fast growth of the present-day business world, requirement for various kinds of data entry services is also rising. There are millions of data entry companies worldwide, which are using online data entry services in order to track down their inventory, sales, and billing. Data entry companies are providing online and offline data entry services to their clients nowadays. The major and the most important condition is an easy association to a mainframe from a remote location, which let the client to quickly access the necessary data sets.

Zohar Infotech provides high-quality data entry services offering professional data entry and document management services. Our Data Entry Center is equipped with latest form feeding software. Our experienced operators have achieved high virtues in maintaining speed and accurateness while delivering preferred outcome. Since our operations are extensive & many, we can manage to immediately increase or decrease number of operators depending on the size of the work, making our operations perfectly scalable. Our USP is timely execution of job with more than 99% accuracy.

Data entry company Zohar Infotech provides following services:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Key Data Entry
  • Insurance Claim Entry
  • Database Data Entry
  • Online Website Content Entry
  • Data Capture/ Conversion
  • Translation Data Entry
  • Forms, Documents Data Entry
  • Image Entry
  • Yellow Pages Data Entry
  • Directory Data Entry
  • Book Entry
  • Excel Data Entry
  • Data Mining Services

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Welcome to our Data entry services section. We provide Data entry services to assist our clients with their continually-changing business environments.
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