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Database Services


Database Services

Zohar Infotech DBA’s on staff will take the stress out of managing your valuable data and mission critical databases. The prime focus for Zohar is to give IT Managers peace of mind that their Database Servers are performing, secure and recoverable in event of failure. By offering Managed and Professional Services in SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix platforms, Zohar will ensure that our database servers are performing optimally 24 x 7.

Proactive monitoring of your databases and notification to a certified team of DBA’s to ensure we are the first to know of any problems on your site. In negotiating a DBA support agreement, the customer chooses the level of service required based on the status and criticality of the database or application and the availability of in-house resource. Other components that are taken into account include such areas as clustering, disaster recovery and replication as well the frequency of reporting delivered within the agreement.


It is important to design a security model that ensures users can access the information they require. Can your users access what they need - or more?

An RDBMS's security at best is complex. With various security models available, many intricacies associated with each model and differences between each RDBMS flavour and version, it is important to plan and implement security correctly.

Many environments have implemented their databases with little regard to security issues. This is common with in- house development teams when moving from development to production environments.


Application providers look after the interaction of applications with databases, but who looks after the back end data to ensure it’s being backed up and is recoverable. How easily could you replace your data in the event of a failure?

Corporate environments host a myriad of applications. While they may have different client side application environments, they often share the same database platform in the back end. While application suppliers look after the client side and the interaction of the application with the database, managing the back end data is often overlooked or not given appropriate priority although it represents significant value to the company. This data is not easily replaced and would create significant headaches, downtime, cost or embarrassment if it was lost and required to be replaced.


Performance of a database application is dependent on many variables including network infrastructure, server hardware, size, configuration and design of the database and efficiency of application coding. Therefore when application performance issues arise it is important to properly analyze all areas of the database application, otherwise money and time may be spent on areas which in fact are not the cause of the performance issues, and which only generate small performance gains.

Are your users experiencing the best possible application performance?

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