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SAN, NAS Solutions


At Zohar Infotech, we understand your business challenges and have been providing real-world solutions to many happy customers. We are proud to offer SAN and NAS solutions that feature cutting edge technology along with a flexible foundation for your storage needs. Our storage offerings feature traits of resilience, flexibility, and scalability and help you manage issues such as planned downtime, outages, and data loss. Implementing a storage solution is a big decision. Our team members can help you realize the benefits of your storage -- from vastly simplifying your storage administration, to allowing you to grow and change your environment with as little effort or interruption as possble.

We provide a number of unique services to offer our customers a simple and "pain-free" integration of storage solutions in their environment.

Storage Assessment

Our field engineers specialize in finding ways to help our clients get the most from their existing equipment while reducing their overhead and management costs. Our consultants are available to assess your storage resource utilization and make recommendations for optimizing your existing resources, easing your management and provisioning burdens, and planning for future growth.

Storage Design

We have nearly 20 years of experience in designing storage solutions for all types of storage environments. We can help you make the most of your existing environment, while incorporating cutting edge storage technology that will bring you a top return for your investment. If a completely new storage system is needed, we can design a new storage environment for you from the ground up.

Storage Integration

We offer complete installations of software, hardware, and connectivity for clients who want an end-to-end service. These services include planning meetings and data gathering for capacity planning; the creation of detailed project plans and statements of work; and the installation of the backup server, all clients, additional modules for databases and messaging servers, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

We tailor configuration of the products based on the client's requirements and business objectives, including backup window, tape rotation and retention policies (for backup systems), and zoning considerations, hardware constraints, and future growth (for storage systems). Extensive testing for data accessibility, data restore, and disaster recovery is also available.

Professional Services

No two environments are the same, and integrating a storage solution system often requires additional expertise to make all the pieces fit. Our engineers are vendor trained and certified, and have the experience and know how to tune your system. In addition, we provide custom programming so you get optimum performance from your storage investment.

Product Training

Training users to understand how to best utilize and manage your storage investment is one of our specialties. From the time of the installation, through the final testing, your users can have hands on involvement, which provides superior knowledge transfer.

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