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Server and Desktop Virtualization


Zohar Infotech provides server virtualization & virtual infrastructure management solution for every one. We offer Software Virtualization (Virtuozzo) and Hardware Virtualization (VMWare) for both servers and desktops.

By taking full advantage of industry standards and open source economics, Zohar dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of virtualization and for the first time, makes virtualization solutions available to the mainstream market.

Comprehensive Virtualization Solution

  • Operating system independent, supporting a wide range of industry standard platforms.
  • Mobility, allowing virtual machines to move between physical servers without any downtime.
  • Advanced features, such as built-in solutions for virtual machine high availability and capacity-based management.
  • Reporting and analysis, to allow you to know what is happening in your environment, when, and by whom.

For everyone

  • Ecosystem friendly, our solutions doesn't put proprietary technologies between you and the rest of your data center infrastructure. Existing solutions, such as storage, backups, and management, continue to work.
  • Cost effective, at a fraction of the total cost of alternative solutions, and substantially more efficient than a traditional data center.
  • Easy to acquire, through a large network of value added resellers.

With our help you can:

  • Virtualize enterprise-class workloads running on unmodified Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Improve the utilization of current systems to reduce power, space and cooling issues through server consolidation.
  • Quickly set up development, test and production environments. " Recover from failures quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently.
  • Match resource capacity to workload demands automatically.
  • Reduce human labor and errors via policy-based management.
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