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Zohar Infotech is a primary software development company providing cost effective software solutions to various industries including education, health care, publishing, banking, insurance, retail, telecom, Hi tech industries and other business industries. We obtain a flexible, long-standing approach to technology and design decisions. We use our experience and knowledge to assist you chooses the best platform for your software.

At Zohar Infotech, we understand that every business has its own business requirements. We develop and combine a large range of personalized software solutions for our clients as per their needs. We have skilled and experienced people for custom software development, desktop and web application design and for web-project programming.

We have expertise in development of custom software applications using modern platforms and languages. Zohar Infotech offers you complete solutions for software development including customized software development, software maintenance & support services, ASP.Net Application development, custom web application development and other web based services.

Zohar Infotech - Software Development Process

Our software development service is the complete process of proper and consistent steps taken to develop a software product. The process includes the following:

Requirement Analysis:  We start our software development process with analysis of your business requirement to build a high-level view of the anticipated project and to decide the goals of the proposed project.

Information Gathering & Analysis: Information Gathering & Analysis step involves breaking down the structure into different pieces and making of diagrams representation to deeply analyze the situation.

Design Phase: In software design phase we explain functions and operations in detail, including screen layouts, procedure diagrams and other documentation.

Software Programming: In software programming phase we work on Modular and subsystem programming. Unit testing and module testing is also done in software programming phase.

Software Testing: In software testing phase the code is tested by us at various levels.

Software Training: After successful testing we provide training to users so that they can work properly on the newly developed software.

Software Maintenance & Support: After successful implementation & training, we go for maintenance phase for implementation of new changes according to the organization needs. 

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Welcome to our software development section. Zohar Infotech is dedicated to provide you high quality software services to deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions within your budget.
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